We are a brand-new spiritually-centered organization for those in the arts.

 Our goal is to be more than just a support group or publisher. We wish to be a forum for not only all spiritually-oriented artists, writers, craftsmen, sculptors and others in the arts but also for those who might not share their work otherwise.

We’ll also be an outlet to sell your work online without all the ridiculous fees that online galleries usually charge or the need to create your own separate website. There is an advantage using an e-store from an organized support group. We do the promotion to bring people here so it's not up to you.

There is also to be a literary art journal and an online database where you can display your work.



Submissions are now being accepted for both artists who wish to have their own page in our database and/or e-store. Although, since the journal will be a free online publication, we can not offer payment for journal submissions, we do plan to have contests.


Please send submittals or enquiries to Shirl at: